Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Zopa and Sun-Jo

Last night I read a few more pages of the book "Peak"  . I met a monk by the name of Zopa and a youth named Sun-Jo. Zopa is mysterious and secretive, someone who never speaks his mind. He never clearly tells anyone what he is going to do,how he will do it,or why he will do it.Sun-Jo is a fun loving,rock climbing,popular kid. He is used to climbing so he is having fun going to base camp.

I think that Zopa is amazing with all his mysterious ways and unspeakable sentences. Sun-Jo is the star of the camp,and very amusing. He almost beats Zopa in the competition for who is stranger.I would be yelling my head off if I were with Peak, Zopa, and Peak's father,trying to brave avalanches, storms, freezing cold, and H.A.P.E, a kind of sickness.

I also read Briana's post up to the second Moleskin. She tells about how Peak is climbing Everest, and what has happened up until then.

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  1. Hi Izzy,
    Great job on the post.I agree with you, Zopa is very amazing but I don't agree with you about the part where Sun-Jo is the star of the camp. By the way I'm going to be putting a link to your blog in one of my posts.