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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Reporter Holly

In the book Peak I have met the girly and self obsessed reporter Holly. She is trying to summit Mount Everest alongside Peak and his dad, who told her to pack light and not to bring anyone along, but she ignored him and packed beauty things and stuff like that. She also hired and brought along a personal chef and a massage therapist. Peak doesn't like her, and she wants the biggest scoop of the century.
I dislike Holly as much as Peak does, and for good reason. She in stuck up, selfish, and as girly as they get. She threw a fit when her chef and massage person is hired by someone else. Here is a quote from the book."Leaving Holly quite alone in her huge pink tent, positively screaming with rage." She had a personal bodyguard carry a huge pink tent that is bigger than everyone else's tent. I dislike the color pink, very girly things, and so on. So hopefully, you will realize why I dislike the reporter Holly. I think that Holly will change while she is climbing because of the treacherous journey.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Izzy,
    I agree with you, I think Holly is a real pain too, but I also think she can be generous. By the way I'm going to be linking to your blog!